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Facility in service – Spring 2021 – Follow us on Facebook for construction progress

Mission statement

To provide our customers with the very best product and customer service so that we may earn their trust and future business and support them by connecting farms to tables.

Professional Harvesting& Processing

Who are we & What we do

To capitalize on rising interest in local meats, Cutting Edge Meat Company “CEMCO” constructed a new, USDA federally-inspected, red meat processing facility, including retail space for specialty meat products. The facility is designed as a multiple-species harvest and processing plant. This meat processing plant provides fee-based meat processing services to livestock producers and retailers and the manufacture of processed meats for sale to wholesale or retail customers.



Maximize the amount of meat you can from the carcass.


Harvesting and processing goat meat for specialty dishes for you.


We can process lamb to custom cuts for all your needs.


We offer a variety of lean cuts including ham, loin, and more!

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